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  • • Laurie Rosenow, for introducing me to ‘squeaky cheese’ and for giving me a place to crash in both Madison & Chicago • Kelly & Eric Olson, old work friends who made Minny seem very appealing, thanks for the dinner, the room, and the travel tips, I loved the Segway tour! • Marian Gruber & Walter Montgomery, new friends from New York who came to my rescue in Wyoming after a night at the rodeo ended with my wallet being stolen • Kari Pricher & her sweet parents for inviting me up to beautiful Big Fork, Montana, and for convincing me to make the trip up to Glacier Nat’l Park. Amazing! • Laura Doty, a new friend of a friend who showed me the blissful pleasures of Montana ranch and cowgirl life, and took me to her Navajo Shaman - what an experience! • Kathee & Ben Christensen, parents of a friend who never having met me before, took me in for a night at their beach getaway on the Oregon coast and welcomed me to their family dinner table • Mollie Allen Kiefhuss & Tim Kiefhuss, dear old friends from Chicago who welcomed me into their suburban S.F. home • Melinda Morrison Kaiser & Kevin Kaiser, who introduced me to the hip city of Seattle, and their funny little angel, Ilaria • Amy Clark, for grilling me a healthy delicious home-cooked meal and cracking me up all through dinner • My Uncle Simon, for taking the day off from work to be my tour guide and designated driver as we explored Sonoma's wineries • Cousin k-k-k-Katie Norton McIntosh & Duncan McIntosh, who gave me the keys to Casa Roja under the delicious fig tree, taking time off from work to play around town • Maureen Fitzpatrick & Doug Armstrong, for inviting me into their home for two nights, treating me to dinner, and introducing me to the most unforgettable Catholic church service of my life • My brother Steven, for taking time out of his very busy life and spending the $ to come meet me in Austin. It was so much fun sharing even a brief portion of my trip with you! • Cousin Noelle & Brian Brandaw, for hosting both me and my brother in their beautiful Austin hills home, showing us the freaky flying of the bats and taking us to the best BBQ of our lives • Rebecca Cudd Geier & Tim Geier, my cool college pal, thanks for the spicy & fresh grilled dinner, cocktails in jars, kayaking on Town Lake, and a fun night reliving my youth in your son’s bunk bed. • Staci Sewell Young & Clyde Young, college roomie, thanks for reminding me that old friendships are sometimes the easiest and deepest. And thanks for 3 nights of restful sleep in your guest room before Ike stormed in. I love my new boots! • Adrienne Hammel Aaronson & Ed Aaronson, for welcoming me like family and taking the time to play with me around Baltimore with baby Will. I love your little family! • Debi Koch Mason & Jonathan Mason, for welcoming me to your big family dinner table and being so easy to reconnect with after all those years! Your kids are gorgeous.